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April13 4x4

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April Fools!

This isn’t the shirt I was talking about online…it will come next month!  Instead I am sending you one of the coolest 4×4 shop shirts that I have ran across.   I hope you like it as much as I do.  Be sure to check out the website.  A very nice husband/wife small business team.

I am also sending you some of my magazine collection.  I randomly boxed them up so I hope that you got some that you haven’t read before.  Below is a little business lesson on magazines and advertising.  It only really hit the tip of the topic, but hopefully you can take at least one point out of it.

Enjoy and Please help me spread the word!



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Daves Custom's UnlimitedAbout Dave’s Custom’s Unlimited: Founded in 1997, they specialize in the best Heavy-duty Power Brake Conversion Kits for Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ, XJ, ZJ, Wrangler and Ford Broncos. In addition, Dave has developed his own line of Jeep accessories including Jeep rockcrawler front bumpers, Jeep Full-width Axle Conversion Kits for CJ, YJ, 3 & 4-link brackets and kits, rod ends, boatside rocker guards, heavy duty diff covers, brackets and tabs, fabrication parts and more! Did you breathe while you were reading that?  Just about everything, and at a level of exceptional quality!

They can also restore your jeep or build you a one-of-a-kind rock crawler. Dave’s knowledge of, and interest in, “all things off-road” has led him to continuously broaden his expertise in all phases of welding (on virtually all metals and with all processes), as well as to equip himself with both the knowledge and the tools for the ultimate in tube bending and fabrication.

Daves Custom's UnlimitedYou may have seen Dave competing in rock crawling or at multiple events across the country including Moab and local to Arizona events with his wife Pam.  Or maybe you have seen him and his blue jeep featured in many magazine articles.  4 Wheel Drive and Sport Utility said, “If you’re considering a full-width front axle swap into your CJ or YJ, you’d do well to check out the Full-Width Axle Kits offered by Dave’s Customs Unlimited. Dave Seger, president of Dave’s Customs Unlimited, did all the homework required for a clean, successful full-width front axle swap before he and his crew produced the kits. Since the research and development are already done, using a ready-made kit means you can spend your time installing and ‘wheeling instead of installing, brainstorming, backtracking, fabricating, and reinstalling. While we respect the DIY route, there are times when using a ready-made kit makes the most sense. This is one of those times.”

Website: Davescustomsunlimited.com   Facebook Link on the Top Right Corner of Website.


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Magazines have been an integral part of the media world for years.  In our off-road group they have brought a lot of mud and dirt to houses and little boy’s rooms across the country.  I remember my Dad getting his magazines and I would always look through them for my favorite truck.  Mine? A 1980’s style Chevy with Blue water paint job highlighted in florescent pink! Yes, I still have some magazine tear outs! Do you have a favorite memory like that?

When I got into the business side of Media I learned a lot! I worked for two independent magazines for three years as an Ad Sales Rep and also crossed over into doing editorial stories. I took what I learned from working at the magazines and have applied it to helping the editors with content as much as I can through the PR and side of my business.  (All Press Releases are posted at Bowermedia.com)

So what happened to the day of thick magazines? Here is a little Business that may help you support your favorite magazine. (This applies to every industry)  It’s no surprise that there is an equation of ads to editorial in a magazine.  Most of the time it is somewhere between 50/50 to 35/65 depending on overhead.  All costs have to be covered by ad sales.  (Subscription and newsstand sales come into the equation at a different point.)  The magazines were really thick because advertising companies knew the value of print and would put majority of the marketing budget there.  When the market dropped out a few years ago, the first thing to go in most companies was the marketing budget. Therefore, the ad pages dropped and the magazines were forced to cut their page counts to keep the equation equal.  It was not a fun time for anyone.  Some magazines didn’t survive this time, and others buckled down, cut pages early and decided to stay for the long haul. At the same time, the Internet really made a leap in proving the success of advertising and companies saw an opportunity to advertise at much lower rates than historically available in print…and now it was 100% trackable.  Well, kind of.  That’s a whole other topic.  What I am going to close with is:  When you buy any product, tell someone important in that company how you found out about that product: Magazine Ad, Magazine Article, Internet Ad, Internet Article, Internet Forum, Friends, Trade Show, etc.  It helps to know where to put that marketing budget in a very diverse world!

Did you know? The Gentleman’s Magazine, first published in 1731 in London, is considered to have been the first general-interest magazine.


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