RSSC April 4x4 Photo

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RSSC April 4x4 Photo

Total Retail Value: $40

I will have to admit I smiled a couple times when I saw Shirt & Swag Club shirts walking by while I was in Moab.  You may not have seen me, but I know who you are JWe survived the week of Moab.  We planned for the future, we met new friends and once again concluded the trails are awesome!  Making the waterfall at Upper Heldorado was probably my highlight J  Yes, I set the camera down, but others got it!
I saw the ‘guy I was really grumpy at’ and we made our peace.  You never know, you may get the shirt, or you may not.  We’ll see.  I did make strides on getting the next few lined up.  Two days after Moab I jumped back in the truck and went further south to the SCORE IV250 – the first race in El Centro/Plaster City in a long time!  It was great, and spectator friendly.  Haven’t been desert racing in a while…now I’m itching to go down for the Baja500!  Stay tuned!

We are running a promotion online right now ~ 5 Weeks to 5 Years!  June 1st will be our 5-year anniversary and I am asking for help building our story, with YOUR story.  Submit it via facebook or email and you could be one of 5 prizes winners each week! 🙂  ~Charlene


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About Moab 4×4 Outpost:  

DSC_0131 1Steve Nantz started Wheeling back in 1992 with the “Rough Country 4 Wheelers” out of Cheyenne, WY. After going to Moab for a few vacations, Steve decided to move to Moab.

Steve started rock crawling competitions in 1998 and competed through 2005 where he met Andy Muhr. Andy had been in the competition scene for years as well.  In 2004, Steve and Andy teamed up and started Moab 4×4 Outpost. With the amount of experience that was combined between Steve and Andy, M4O started doing full buggy and Jeep builds and also started designing a full line of heavy-duty parts.

“We now have more than 125 products that are made “In house”. Our goal is to provide same day service with our general repair work and to provide exceptional products for the daily driver or the extreme rock crawler.”

I met Steve at the 2013 W.E. Rock Grand Nationals in Cortez, CO where he was scoping out the competition for the upcoming season.  We had never met before, but interestingly had my card sitting on his desk to call for swag.  I had already determined that I would be in Moab in October for a ‘relaxing trip’ and we decided to meet and talk shop then.  We met on the trails for a full day of the most extreme trails at AreaBFE!  It was awesome and I was sold on the M4O group. (Yes, there is a video on our YouTube Channel!)  Fast forward to a few weeks before Easter Jeep Safari, we saw each other again at Steve’s first event back to rock crawling – W.E. Rock IMG_0118_1Congress Western Round 1 where he finished 4th in the highly competitive Unlimited Class.  We put a plan together for their 10 Year Anniversary shirt. The shirts were the first set of boxes delivered when I got to town for EJS! If you look at the shirt carefully, you can see Steve’s face in the Unlimited Buggy from the Congress event.  The red jeep is one of their customer rigs that they had just finished.  If you are ever in Moab, please stop through, check out their shop and say Hi.  If you need help while in Moab, they are your guys.  The phone number is on your shirt.  Be sure to pack it!


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About the Swag:
I wanted a set of ear buds for listening to videos without disturbing the whole house, so I thought outside the box and decided to get some for everyone!  I have enough cords in my life, so the retractable type looked perfect for me!  While I was shopping, I saw the earplugs and giggled…yep, lets get those too.  You can either have lots of noise or no noise.  Your call!

By the time you receive your package, we should be putting the final touches on the last of the Easter Jeep Safari videos.  Did you know that we have over 600 videos on our YouTube channel?!   Whooweeee!!

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