Shirt Swag Club Voss Motorsports Shipment

August 2013 Desert Club


Shirt Swag Club Voss Motorsports Shipment

Total Retail Value: $38

The Voss Family once again impresses me as awesome people. Have you had a chance to meet them?  Genuine and good people.  Here is some random history… My first ever job was at a motorcycle shop changing tires (yes, for real!).  Rich Voss (dad) was one of our big customers that would come in and shop for his dirt bike needs.  Later his daughter Jodi would date one of the MX shops key employees and just in the last couple years get married.  And Jason, well, he was just a kid then!  Yes, we all grew up in the same area.  Bay Area, CA – about an hour south of San Francisco.  Always remember, you never know who you know now, that may come back to be a great part of your future.  Always glad to see them at races and very proud of Jason’s  and the Voss family racing accomplishments.

I included a couple fliers for the Shirt Swag Club that I would appreciate you pass onto your buddies that have noticed your sudden improvement in wardrobe choices. 😉  If you would like more to take to an event etc, feel free to let me know and I will get them headed your way!  A lot of people think they just get a T-Shirt…and that isn’t the case…heck you know!  and Where did the Summer go?!  ~ Charlene

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About Voss Motorsports:   Trophy Truck / Trick Truck #35

Jason Voss MotorsportsJason Voss, driver of record, took first place overall at the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno 550 mile race last weekend. After a 15 second penalty in qualifying and receiving the 12 starting position (7th Trick Truck) Jason and the team knew they had a battle ahead of them on race day. “We had to be patient in the beginning and let the race come to us. I began to get nervous around mile 250 that the front runners were leaving me in their dust while I was stuck in the dust of some class 1 cars. We decided it was go time and made a run for it, everything fell into place from there,” said Jason.

This year has brought a lot of changes to Voss Motorsports and it had been a huge advantage. “BFGoodrich Tires is very proud to be a partner of Voss Motorsports in 2013. Jason went out and won his first race after bolting on our tires for the first time and backed it up by winning the longest desert race in the U.S., the Jason Voss MotorsportsBITD Vegas to Reno race. Congratulations to Jason and the entire Voss Motorsports team,” said Nate Hunt, Off Road Program Manager representing BFGoodrich tires.

With wins at the Parker 425 to start the 2013 season, followed by fourth at this years Silver State 300 and Mint 400 and now another win at Vegas to Reno, they are leading the BITD Season Points with two more races to go.  With the Baja 1000 thrown into the middle.  Their previous seasons have been a combination of successes and challenges.  Did you know in 2008 that they were the ProTruck, SCORE & BITD Champions?

Jason Voss MotorsportsWear the shirt well and enjoy the swag that they sent to be included.  Rock the glasses!  Their sponsors that make it all happen include KC HiLites, Trailready Beadlock Wheels, King Shocks, Jimco Racing and BF Goodrich.

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bower motorsports media logoThis months swag was also provided by VOSS Motorsports.  A Koozie, a stress ball and a very fancy pair of glasses.  The stress ball really makes me laugh…wonder who those were for originally? 🙂

I have also included a 2013 Bower Media Calendar.  Yea, I know that it is already August, but this box needs to find a happy home and I thought you could use one (or another one in some of your cases!)  Take it to the office, to the garage, or wherever it fits best for you…the pictures are cool!  Does your club, company etc need a calendar for 2014?  It’s time to put them together, and I would be more than willing to help with that!

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