RSSC Aug Offroad Club Shipment

August 2014 Shirt Club


RSSC Aug Offroad Club Shipment

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Summer is almost over… especially for those going back to school.  I hope you had an awesome couple months filled with fun and travel.  Personally, I sat in the AC and worked.   I am excited to say we launched the Racer Marketing School this month.  Online classes that help racers with their sponsorship opportunities.  If you know of anyone that should utilize that help, please pass on the info. Much appreciated!

We also spent time gearing up for the show season!  Sand Sports Super Show, Off-Road Expo, SEMA, Baja 1000, PRI…and then it is already Christmas!  How does this happen!?!  Please look us up if you are going to be at any of these shows!  Love to see you!

Also, with the end of the year comes…drum roll…the 2015 Calendar!  We are already loading in 2015 dates -> If you are part of an event or race series, please help me get these dates on our calendar before September 30th.  Better chance they will get into print

Thanks and have a GREAT Month!!  ~ Charlene

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MotobiltA Note from Motobilt’s Owner:

I am a master fabricator with over 2 decades experience building world class offroad vehicles as well as internationally known brands in the offroad community.  Over the years a lot of things have changed. Rock crawling and Ultra4 racing have created some of the biggest paradigm shifts in the offroad community. I remember reading in 4 Wheel and Sport Utility many years ago where the editorial article mentioned rock crawling was only a fad. I recall thinking the momentum in the market place was already too great for it to be a fad. Well, rock crawling is here to stay. Not only that, Ultra4 racing has its roots in rock crawling.

I started a different shop in 2001 with the dream of building cool parts and vehicles for people. I never imagined I would be sending products around the globe and working with some of the best people in the industry. I am very thankful for the people who have helped me along the way. In 2009, I decided to sell the Motobiltshop and focus on my family for a while. I needed to put my feet back on the ground and remember what was more important in life.

After selling the other shop in September of 2009 I tried to figure out what I wanted to be when “I grew up”. For a while I enjoyed not thinking about deadlines and events I had to attend. The love for it started to creep back in over the three year non-compete. During this time I was working overseas in Baghdad, Iraq at the US Embassy. I started to hatch the plan for Motobilt. I bought the domain name and started planning for the logo and what direction I wanted to go.

I turned on the Motobilt website in December 2012 and told the world I am back. Well not really. it was more of a low key re-entry into the offroad world. I want to crawl a little and feel things out. Which I am still doing today. The landscape of the Motobiltoffroad world has evolved. There are changes going on with a shift away from the DIY market. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of people who feel they want to be a fabricator. With the changes in the economy there seems to be less people purchasing welders and tools to fabricate at home.

I started the other shop with something to prove to the world. I started Motobilt because I love creating and fabricating. I think the path Motobilt is going to take will be much different than what I have done in the past. Be sure to follow along on Facebook at on the Blog located at  If you need anything Call me at the shop. 334-699-6300  ~ Dan DuBose

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The Mallet:  Let’s Bang Out Some Info…          It’s from me  Enjoy!   

A few years back I gave my first  ‘Racer Marketing Seminar’ that became talked about by many (and some teams have executed to grand successes!). When I stopped traveling to the races as frequently as before, the ability to transfer the information diminished.  When I walked the start line at King of the Hammers this year and over half of the drivers had their window 500x200nets covering their door panels with their sponsors, I started to twitch and knew that I hadn’t touched those racers.

It was clear at that moment that there needed to be a solution to bring the classes back.  I just released a series of live webinars with different topics – all related to Racers, Companies, Events and Marketing.     Todays game is completely different from even a couple years ago.  It’s your job as a racer to go fast, take chances, look pretty and talk well.  It is our job to help you take your successes (and even the races that didn’t turn out so well) into a good media opportunity.  We work at this everyday…and it’s time for me to tell you everything I know!

We also have a Web & Social Media Class that is good for ANY INDUSTRY not just a racer.

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