shirt swag club desert december

December 2013 Desert Club


shirt swag club desert december

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Part of racing in Baja, is knowing “how” to race in Baja safely and successfully.  Baja Nikki started a service to help teams with their logistics and organization for the south of the border races.  I will have to say, I really like the saying on the back!

Are you into the King of the Hammers??  It’s only a month away!  In fact, the next shipment will be coming to you, as I will be headed out the door to the lakebed to set up the Race Team Store…in the dirt!  Did you know that I have been out on the lakebed since the second year covering the event? Tom and Steve Beebe of Griffin Radiators are friends.  I got an opportunity to go back to South Carolina last year and visit the facility.   It’s huge!  I was especially impressed with their testing area.

Just a reminder we are looking for lifestyle pictures of you wearing a shirt club shirt for some ads I am working on.  You could be famous!  😉  Email as large as possible to

Wishing you and yours a VERY VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Happy New Year!    ~Charlene


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About Optimum Race Logistics:        

Optimum Race Logistics new logoOptimum Race Logistics was created by Baja Nikki Nolen, who has been exposed and participated in the off road racing community the majority of her life.  Both Nikki’s parents raced District 37 & 38 desert races, rode enduros and raced Baja 38 weekends out of the year.

This combinations makes her a perfect resource for teams racing in Baja.  She works with and consults creating seamless logistics and race operations for a team.  There is a lot that happens before the green line, and a lot more that happens off the race track.

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About Griffin Radiators:

Griffin radiators BannerGriffin Radiators has been the Title sponsor of the King of the Hammers since the beginning.  They have supported the sport and the vision since before Ultra4 was even branded as a name.

Since 1981, Griffin Thermal Products has focused on manufacturing the very best high performance aluminum heat exchangers in the industry. Griffin understands that a quality cooling system is critical to the consistent and reliable performance of your engine.  Griffin is dedicated to leadership in the design and manufacture of innovative thermal transfer products for both automotive and normal to severe duty OEM and industrial applications. Skilled craftsmen combine design and technology in 120,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and warehousing facilities. Through continuous research and development, Griffin creates new designs and processes to more efficiently cool an engine. These innovations include special tube and fin designs; Heli-arc welding for rigid conformity; and vacuum brazing for stronger, more durable units.

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About Bower Media’s Calendar:

Bower Media 2014 CalendarWhat started as one of the most extensive off-road online calendars in the industry two years ago, turned into a printed calendar last year – call it a test drive for what we could do.  Needless to say, it was a hit and everyone wanted it back.  With limited time to work on our personal projects, the calendar almost slipped through the cracks this year until I got a call from John at CRAWL Magazine.  He said: If you build it, I will ship it.  Well, like anyone in that position, I built it and he has shipped it to all the CRAWL Subscribers! Yea!

The calendar features a majority of Bower Media photos from the year, and some that are from our partners as they travelled.  The most unique part about our calendar is we fill the weekends with events from across the country.  If you see something that you want to go to – or maybe you need more options – it interacts with our online calendar that has specific links to more information and many more events to choose from!

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