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Thanksgoodness the Holidays are over… Does anyone else feel the same way? J Not sure if you are on our Facebook page to see, but our office just got a lot ‘faster’ with a fire engine red powdercoated desk accented by polished aluminum corners and a Bower Media wrap for the top. I know all of you can appreciate the amount of work that took! Yes, I am typing from my new fancy desk right now. Yea! Hope Santa brought you something special too!

I was trying to get you this package before Christmas, but well, the Calendars kicked my behind …doing two calendars does not have a sliding scale of time, just as an FYI! I had two boxes 2-day aired to me especially for you – the palletS will drop next week! If you have any friends that would like one, you can send them to If you have a bulk of kids, feel free to email me how many and I will add that many kids calendars to your January package. J   Have a GREAT New Year and I look forward to sending you 12 more cool packages in 2015!!!   ~ Charlene


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                                             2015 LetzRoll Offroad Mens Tshirt 2015 LetzRoll Offroad Mens Tshirt

LetzRoll Offroad:

Andrew MclaughlinLetzRoll Offroad racing is based in Mesa, Arizona and fields cars in 3 Ultra4 classes: #4493 Andrew McLaughlin, #4511 Alan Johnson, #4634 Matt Salyers, and the Unlimited class in Europe with team driver and 3 time Top 10 King of the Valley’s finisher Michael Robertson in the ESAB UK / Allisport #17. Keeping with the racing theme, Andrew McLaughlin #4493 finished every race they started in 2014: KOH, 3 Dirt Riot races, 3 Ultra 4 races, and the NORRA 1000 in Baja, Mexico. ESAB Welding & Cutting #4493 will be on set for an upcoming episode of 2 Guys Garage, showcasing the race car while building a new rear Ruff Stuff Ford 9” axle, stuffed with Yukon Gear and Axle parts, an ARTEC Industries truss, and all put together with ESAB Welding & Cutting products.

Andrew MclaughlinOn the business side, LetzRoll Offroad is an online supplier of many items including, but not limited to, Yukon Gear and Axle parts, ARTEC. They also have a full shop that is always full doing upgrades and repairs for Jeep, Toyota, & Buggy wheelers in the Phoenix Arizona area.

Currently, the guys are in the shop building a brand new car for King of the Hammers! It is a Jimmy’s chassis, that is featured on this shirt. This is their hot off the press 2015 shirt! Let’s cheer them on! (PS – if you are going to the Hammers, or have always wanted to, they just posted a Top 10 Tips to Survival on their Facebook page – a great read!)

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Facebook Page:


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The Calendars:

2015 BOWER MEDIA CALENDAR COVERIf you aren’t familiar with our Bower Media Calendar, I am honored to put one on your wall for 2015. It is loaded with Off-Road Events happening around the country, fun holidays, the real holidays, plus a few reminders so you don’t forget Mother’s Day and lots of awesome offroad photos! The calendar has online support at where more events are added daily! (yes, we can add your event, just email us!) This is the third year that I have put it together, and I am again proud of the results.

I was given a challenge by a couple companies to make something for the kids. “Ok, no problem.” I thought. So I came up with about 5 ideas (one being a club idea, but not with shirts – they grow too fast!) As I started talking to Mom’s and Dad’s and watching and listening to what kids are up to, I narrowed my idea down to a coloring book. But then decided that I wanted something more than just a coloring book – so I turned a calendar into a coloring and activity book. The FUN catch is, Kids can color the book, ‘adults’ can post on social media and with the correct hashtag and timing will be entered to win an Axial RC Car! Really excited about this addition to our stable of products. Look forward to seeing your kids drawings and getting your feedback.


Shirt & Swag Club $5 Promo is Back!   Are all your buddies wondering where you get your cool shirt? Help them get signed up via and then send us a quick note that you helped them… We will add $5 into your next package! Yep hard cold green cash! I have added a $1 into this package with a little better explanation of how to get more. J

Win An Adventure of a Lifetime: We are starting a year-long promotion that will allow anyone that participates with Bower Media in multiple ways to get multiple entries to winning an adventure that we tailor specifically to the winner! YOU HAVE ONE ENTRY just by being part of the club! To find out more go to:

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