Yes!  We can ship to you Internationally via USPS.  We want everyone to be involved and get these awesome shipments.


We don’t want to charge you an astronomical amount because of shipping.  To overcome this we have developed a plan:

1. Join the monthly club through our Canada / International Shipping button.  (They are approx $7 more than US)

2.  We will ship to you when we have two (2) packages ready.

For Example, If you sign up for the Monthly Offroad Shirt & Swag Club, you will receive a package in the mail every other month, but it will have TWO months worth of goodies in it.

You are still getting EVERY CLUB SHIPMENT that you pay for monthly, but I am trying to help the price by cutting the frequency of shipping.

Please reach out if this doesn’t make sense.  Thank you!

** This option is only available for the Monthly Club.  The Bi-Monthly club will ship on delivery and the pricing reflects International Priority Mail Shipping.

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