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You are getting the FIRST EVER Shipment from the Race Shirts & Swag Club!  Thank you for believing in the project and taking a shot in the dark.  All those that are waiting to see how it will work are going to be sad when they see what they missed!

I already have February’s Shirt lined up, so hopefully we won’t run into a late ship date due to printing like this month.  I had a much larger response than I had anticipated…(THANK YOU!)…and no one had that many shirts on hand!  So I went to my friend JT who prints with our friends Todd & Babette and we made a special order just for you!

Enjoy and Please help me spread the word!


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Jt TaylorAbout JT Taylor:  JT Taylor is the epitome of “been there, done that”. A retired First Sergeant who returned from the Iraq conflict with a Bronze Star, Taylor uses the skills that he honed as a soldier to manage multiple racing teams needs. His strategic and mechanical capabilities have served him Crew Chief positions with Brad Lovell, Speed Technologies, Shannon Campbell, Dirt Sports and Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series SuperLite #16 race teams. He was the Crew Chief for Speed Technologies 2008 Class 1 Baja 1000 win, 2009 Baja 500 Torchmate Racing finish, and co-drove and was crew for the 2009 Baja 1000 and the 2010 and 2011 NORRA 1000 win. It would be foolish to think that Taylor is only handy with a wrench, he is just as comfortable behind the wheel. JT Taylor is one of the original thirteen competitors of King of the Hammers who has raced every year, winning the 2011 Torchmate Stampede and placing 2nd at the Ultra4 Grand Prix.  Taylor consistently held a top ten position in XORRA for five years and is the Jt Taylortwo-year reigning champion of the XORRA Germany Series. He is the 3 time Colorado Hill Climb Association Ultra4 Champion and made history as the first Ultra4 competitor to run Pikes Peak, where he won the Exhibition class in 2010 and was 2nd in the Pikes Peak Open Class in 2011.  JT Taylor just added a 2012 NORRA 1000 win to his resume including the respect of being the first Rock Buggy to join the race.
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Bower MediaWe have worked with W.E.Rock for multiple years and in 2011 it became apparent that Dirt Riot was going to be a viable plan and future.  We were asked to join the team and help promote the series, and Charlene said YES!  We have travelled across the country this year attending 14 of their events and produced a YouTube Video for each.  This DVD is a compilation of all the videos from the entire season, plus some bonus tracks.  All the tracks are in HD, unlike online.  This is Bower Media’s first ever professionally stamped DVD.  “This is so exciting for me!” said Charlene, Owner of Bower Motorsports Media.  “It was my 2012 goal to produce a DVD, I kept thinking about it, working on it, and figured out how to do it right.  I now have confidence in how to produce them and look forward to working with all groups on their specific projects.”  The popcorn is just a silly addition.  Charlene bought a popcorn machine and had these fancy Bower Media popcorn bags made…can’t beat an extra treat of popcorn with your movie!  Enjoy!

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Bower MediaBower Motorsports Media, established in 2009, is a PR firm that writes the press releases, takes pictures, produces videos, tracks race teams, promotes events, is interactive in social media and is very successful at executing at events.  Bower Motorsports Media works for Companies, Event Promoters and Racers to make sure that sponsorship packages are maximized and that as many people as possible know about your successes.  We specialize in the offroad market, but have expanded into many different categories.  With the word Media meaning something entirely different than it did even two years ago, Bower Motorsports Media prides itself on being at the front of understanding what different avenues to use to successfully market and manage a brand, a race series or team.


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