RSSC JAN 4x4 Photo

January 2014 4×4 Club


RSSC JAN 4x4 Photo

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About CRAWL Magazine:   

CRAWL LogoHere is a random fact to start… After 10+years in Motorcycle Shop Retail Management, I decided to switch careers and went to work for two magazines selling Advertising.  When the Magazine world dropped (remember when they all went away) the magazines I worked for joined that crowd and I started Bower Media.  In June of 2014 we will be celebrating our 5-year anniversary!

So, the magazine world isn’t new to me.  When John bought CRAWL from Tim, a guy that had good content intentions but bad business ways, he had quite the project on his hands!  I would say he has survived the turn and has created a Magazine that brings value and content to the Off-Road Community.  You can get 20% off your subscription with Promo Code: BOWER  <- Yes, we just finished that new website for them…fancy, isn’t it!

Insert the CRAWLmerica Tshirt – I was only told to print enough for you and an additional small set for the immediate crew!  YES – Another shirt no one else has!!

Crawl Magazine Nov DecIf you are already a subscriber to CRAWL magazine then you are on top of the significance of this build.  The CRAWLmerica was introduced in Issue 43 posing the question: Can One Vehicle Do it All?  “Imagine a stable of cars that did everything you needed.  You would have a desert racing trophy truck; maybe a moon buggy-style cone dodger; add to that an Ultra4 car for doing rocks and desert; a trail rig for the weekends, and some kind of short course racer.  You should have five or more rigs just to do all the things you wanted.  You would have a specialty tool for each type of terrain or competition.  You would also need to have been born with a silver spoon for breakfast because this isn’t a cheap lifestyle.  Now imagine building one car.  Imagine building one car capable of doing all those things.  Imagine the Leatherman tool of offroad motorsports.  Meet CRAWLmerica.”

It is John’s goal to take this rig to as many events in multiple segments of racing as possible to prove that it is possible to have one vehicle (CRAWL Magazine).  It is Derek Trent’s goal to prove that their cars are capable of anything that is thrown at them (Trent Fabrication).  It is Matt Messer’s goal to drive the heck out of it at the King of the Hammers and put the vehicle to it’s first true test (Trail-Gear)   This should be a fun project vehicle to watch for the full year to come!

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About OutdoorX4 Magazine:

outdoorx4The very first issue of this magazine shipped just a couple weeks ago!  If you are an Adventure Wheeler, this is an awesome magazine for you.  The concept is based around using your vehicle to experience other adventures…hiking, biking, gold panning etc.  Here it is in their words: “OutdoorX4 Magazine’s goal is to promote responsible 4×4 adventure travel along with the utility of 4×4 vehicles to enjoy all forms of outdoor recreation while also creating solidarity between all communities of adventurers. Whether you’re an avid 4×4 adventure traveler, mountain bike enthusiast, camp cooking aficionado, world-class fisherman or weekend warrior, OutdoorX4 is focused on providing the most engaging and unique content to appeal to the broadest range of outdoors enthusiast.”            You can get 20% off your subscription with Promo Code: BOWER

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TG LongfieldAdding to the Swag Pack – About Trail-Gear:
Trail-Gear has 50,000 sq ft of stocked warehouse inventory ready to ship so you don’t have to wait.  They are commonly known for their Toyota parts, but also have items for Jeeps, Nissans and Samurai’s.  Their most recent business move was acquiring Longfield Super Axles.

Matt MesserOwner Matt Messer is a off-road race enthusiast at heart, and supports series like W.E. Rock through Trail-Gears Marketing budget.  He competes in the Unlimited Class in W.E. Rock and has been racing in the King of the Hammers and NorCal Rock Racing.  (He is Mr. May of the Bower Media Calendar )

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IT’S BEEN A YEAR!  Happy Anniversary to those that took the initial risk and invested in what has become an awesome club filled with a ton of fun!  As you reach your One Year Anniversary with us, you will be receiving a Collectors Edition Beer/Milk Glass – there are 34 of you that received yours in this shipment!  These will never be for sale, or for hand out, only available to YOU as a THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Billing Note:  I have changed the way we are taking new Club Members.  If you are fine with using Paypal, then there is no need to adjust.  If you would like to use your Credit Card instead, we have a fancy system that will give you a user area allowing you to change your size and address at any time.  It is not mandatory, it is an option.  Let me know if you would like to switch. or 714-394-1716.

We just started a New ClubSocks & Underwear Club.  Yep, we know it’s weird, but it has been requested and a pretty big hit with those I have shown the sample package to! Each month we will send a pair of socks (three types to choose from), underwear (three types to choose from) and a bonus Man Thing like deodorant or razor or…(like the swag, it will change).  ADD this to YOUR CURRENT Shirt Club SHIPMENT for only $9.99.  Use the Coupon Code: 4XMEM14 when signing up at   This is a perfect gift for the kid going away to college, the guy in the military or…there are so many options!

I listened to you guys!  Always open to feedback!   Thanks for Sharing….


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