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January is already off to a fast start… As it does every year, but this year it is a bit different. I added something to my bucket list – surviving negative degree weather while in Maine at the Redbull Frozen Rush event! A very cool event in every aspect! Inside the office, we have been making some pretty big steps with our I’m Not Just a Girl line. I’m talking investing in UPC codes, which resulted in a full relabel and repackaging job (Thank Mom for “visiting” for 7 days!) Online, we launched an Etsy and Open Sky store, and are almost ready to launch the Amazon store. We also relaunched the ImNotJustaGirl.com website with a store exclusive to our brand that has the ability to have affiliates and wholesale accounts. And, we released two new girl shirts and 2 kids shirts went to print today! Phew! All in preparation for a huge announcement next week as we lead into King of the Hammers. Yes, one of my favorite weeks of the year just got more exciting! Hope to see you out there – and remember if you do see me to get another entry into the Adventure of a Lifetime Sweepstakes J Stay Warm! ~ Charlene

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Wild West Offroad:

Wild West iFSYou may have heard the name or seen Tim Lund, a tall guy that always wears a kilt and is at most of the Offroad Events across the country.   Many of you may know him from his technical writing expertise for 4WD Toyota Owner Magazine, announcing events or multiple years with ARB’s warranty and tech department. But did you know that Tim owns Wild West Offroad, originally opened in 1988 and has since become a family business now including son Dallas?

Wild West Off Road was started back in 1988 and has gone through many changes over the years. Originally selling other manufacturers products and then making their own line of products when they couldn’t find what they, and their customers, needed elsewhere. In 1988 Tim became heavily involved with Toyota mini-trucks, and heavily modified well-used Samurai’s (remember this was1988 when heavily modified for a Samurai meant 31″ tires!). In the early 90’s, before anyone had thought to install the Sidekick 1.6 engine or front diff gears into the Samurai, they were busy swapping V-6s into the Samurais, figuring that the easiest way to combat bigger tires was with

Wild WEst ifs tom wayes

Tom Wayes and Wild West Off Road IFS win at Ultra4 Metalcloak Stampede

bigger engines. With the modifications, came the first of many trips to Moab, UT. The next year they created what was to be the Suzuki event of the year for many years to come: The 1st Moab Zukfari now ran by Zukiworld.

Skipping forward to today, Wild West Offroad is one of the leaders in production IFS front ends. The technology, innovation and constant going-back-to-the-drawing board has not faltered where Wild West Offroad is headed. IFS is a technology that has been looked at by many, but only successfully engineered by a few. You will now be wearing some of the proven and winning parts! Hopefully in next weeks King of the Hammers too! J

Website: http://www.WildWestOffroad.com
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/WildWestOffroad

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BFGoodrich Socks:

BFGoodrich TiresIf you live in the cold, then let’s say you are used to it. When you live in flip flops year round, then let’s say these socks are lifesavers! I think they are awesome and BFGoodrich agreed to share a pair of their KO2’s with you! Ok, so maybe it isn’t the kind of tread that you want for your truck, but they will certainly add traction and make your feet happy!

On the subject of the new All-Terrain KO2 tire, some sizes are already shipping and in stock at multiple locations. Unfortunately, if you have a monster truck like me, you are still pacing for another couple months until the second set of sizes are released. While in Maine, we did some snow wheeling and I was very impressed by the way they BFGoodrich Tireshandled and gripped. With that being said, I now have experience with them on dirt, rocks, mud, silt, snow, ice and sand…but not asphalt…that makes me laugh! I did hear a complaint from a friend that just put a set on his daily driver: “They are so quiet that now I can hear all the squeaks and rattles with the truck, and am going to have to fix it.” LOL! I don’t know about you, but I can hardly wait to get a set!

Website: http://www.BFGoodrichRacing.com 
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/BFGoodrichTires

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In Other News:::::

More Calendars:   As promised, here are a few more calendars to hand out to your buddies, or take to work, or to stop the kids from having to decide who gets to color that month J Thank you for sharing & enjoy!

Shirt & Swag Club $5 Promo is Back!   Are all your buddies wondering where you get your cool shirt? Help them get signed up via ShirtSwagClub.com and then send us a quick note that you helped them… We will add $5 into your next package! Yep hard cold green cash! I sent a few $5 out this month…get yours next month. (:

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