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RSSC January Offroad Photo

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Hope you had a spectacular start to your New Year! Don’t know about you, but I am in a toss up over the holidays. I love them and I hate them. I love the Christmas trees and decorations, but I hate putting them up and taking them down. I love the commitment to parties and seeing friends, but I hate the stress of the time and being pulled in what seems like every direction. But, at the end of the day, I am thankful for the opportunity to have all of it, and I said a special thank you to all of you for being part of my circle.

We’ve hit year 3! Which meant it was time for me to go shopping for a different and unique cup to send out to our 3 year anniversary folks – yes, there are quite a few of you! I purposely didn’t send out the anniversary cups in our last shipment because I knew they wouldn’t fit with the cooler, but we are caught up now. For those that are new, each anniversary year you receive a special cup as a thank you gift. Year 1 was a glass tumbler, year 2 was a stainless steel cup, and year 3 is a matte black stainless steel insulted tumbler!

Looking forward to seeing you at an event this year! My travel plans have been set for a little while, but I am sure there will be more added to accommodate projects. But for now, we will enjoy the quiet a little longer before KOH kicks in full gear next week! Thank you! ~ Charlene


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Bobby Tanner 1Bobby Tanner – Rock Bouncer:

It all started when Bobby decided to go wheeling with his sons at some local parks in a Cab Truck (a truck with the bed removed), and he liked it! In 2009, he purchased his first buggy, Ol’ Orange. At the same time, ColeWerx’s Bryan Cole built him the buggy, Screamin’ Blue, that premiered October 30, 2010, which is the same buggy he is driving today. Quickly after he started wheeling, and certainly once he was behind the wheel of Screamin’ Blue, he became known as the wild Bobby Tanner Mad Ramman. Back then, rock bouncing wasn’t a sport, it was just a group of core friends going out on the weekend to wheel. As videos started to get posted and interest in the sport started to grow, bounty hills became popular and then the Southern Rock Racing Series was started in 2012. Bobby Tanner is the only driver that has participated in every single SRRS race since its inception. He always puts on a good show at every event. According to Clyde Bynum, an SRRS promoter, Bobby is out to please the crowd, win, lose, or draw. With that in mind, he has consistently sat 2nd or 3rd in SRRS season points. If you are a King of the Hammers fan and watched the Backdoor Shootout last year, then you have seen Screamin’ Blue in action as he bounced right up the fall and, hands down, won the event with the quickest time and wildest ride!

Bobby Tanner 3Bobby is a logger by trade and works sun up to sun down. His family is of utmost importance to him. Shelby Tanner and Jordan Tanner have both participated as drivers in SRRS as well.

I have only had a couple quick opportunities to meet Bobby, but it doesn’t take long to understand that he is a southern gentleman with a heavy foot and the ability to have a great time with his offroad family. If you ever have the chance, be sure to introduce yourself…he will shake your hand and offer you a great story.

Facebook Page:


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2016 Calendar Promo2016 Bower Media Calendars:

We did it again…with a little twist. Hope you will hang them on your wall and keep up with all the events this year! Yes, we are doing the Axial RC Car giveaway again this year for the kids calendar coloring random draw. Yes, I sent you two of each calendar – one for you and one for a buddy. If you need more, please don’t hesitate to email me, and I will add them to your February package. No stress!

The full online calendar is updated daily at


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