RSSC July 4x4 Photo

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RSSC July 4x4 Photo

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Talk about some serious bag stuffing!!!  We had to use our muscles on this one!  I listened to you about wanting to break the black streak for a little bit and what better than a Poison Spyder Blue.  They are great friends who have built an awesome company with quality products.  Then there are the Cooler Bags that will come in handy for any trail ride, or like in our household, be used everyday for lunch.  While you are opening this, Jeepers Jamboree #61 in going into the book!

Did you get the latest copy of CRAWL? We put an ad in there to let more people know about this club.  I’m as excited about the months ahead as I am about the months that we have already shipped! Yea!!

I hope you are having a GREAT Summer!!
~ Charlene

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About Poison Spyder: Poison Spyder LogoFrom pre-runners to rock crawlers, Larry McRae (owner of Poison Spyder) has always owned an off road vehicle of some sort, even before he could legally drive on the street. The one similarity in all the rigs; they were all modified. Larry even modified a 3 wheeled golf cart for off road when he was 12.  Larry’s desire to wheel with his buddies led him to help form a 4 wheel drive club while still in high school. Larry and his wife Cheri are long time members of the Inland Empire 4 Wheel Drive Club.

Poison Spyder 1There are two key events that led to the success: Larry and Jon Bundrant from All Pro Off-Road became friends in early 2000. The two shared similar driving styles and passion for rock crawling. It was this combination that lead Jon and Larry to be hired in 2002 by Nelson & Nelson Racing to compete nationwide in the compact rig called “Tiny”. Larry & Jon along with innovator in motorsports engineering, Jon Nelson still hold the rock crawling record for the most wins in one season (11) and the most series championships in one season (4). That same season they also won the Put Up Or Shut Up Championship and the Super Crawl Championship.

Poison Spyder 1The second: The Southwest states Ultimate Adventure is where the McRae’s met Clifton Slay. This friendship eventually led to the McRae’s purchase of Poison Spyder Customs. The Slays were insistent that the new caretakers of Poison Spyder Customs were fellow hardcore wheelers that shared a similar vision for the future of Poison Spyder, not a marketing company that would eventually dilute the brand. The McRae’s, like the Slay’s, live within and contribute to the Off Road Nation, rather than living on and taking from it.

Since the sale of Poison Spyder to the McRae’s it’s been a roller coaster of a ride!  Being friends with both, it has been fun to watch their continual growth.  I visited the 50x60ft shop in their backyard and not long after got to visit the new facility that was 7500 sq ft. Not long after they expanded again adding another 12,500 sq feet and machinery that produces more of the products in house rather than Poison Spyderoutsourcing.  All of this fueled by the growing demand for their quality products.

Larry continues to build some of the most innovative race vehicles in the off-road group and has certainly stirred up some controversy in the King of the Hammers stock class!  I am most fond of the way they have embraced the social media side of marketing and putting themselves on the road to visit with the “Spyder Nation” at events across the country.  Be sure to join in on the fun…they always have something up their sleeve!

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About Jeepers Jamboree:

Jeepers Jamboree 1The Jeepers Jamboree is the oldest and largest organized event of this type in the world.   It has received worldwide publicity through television, radio, magazines and newspapers.   There have been more than 35,000 vehicles or 102,000 people from throughout the world over the famous Rubicon Trail, considered to be the “Granddaddy” of all four-wheel trails – a 10 on most scales!  The annual winter storms provide new challenges each year by carving out a different trail among the rocky sluices and granite slabs.  As a result, almost all four-wheeling is done at 3‑5 miles per hour or less.  The Rubicon Springs encampment (altitude 6,060 ft. and the site of a late 19th Century mineral springs and hotel) provides a setting for fun and relaxation. Here you are wined, dined and entertained in the finest High Sierra style.

Jeepers Jamboree 1The Jeepers Jamboree is always the last full weekend in July and is mostly an Adult Trip.  The Jeep Jamboree is always the weekend following (or first full weekend in Aug) and is a Family Trip where kids are encouraged to join.  Put it on your to-do list!  This is a great way to be able to enjoy the Rubicon Trail without the hassle of bringing in all your food and additional camping equipment. They also have repair services and rock rollers to help navigate the trail.

Be sure to read all about it in our July Newsletter and Visit the Page with all the 60th Anniversary Action: (including videos)


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