RSSC July Offroad Photo

July 2015 Shirt Club


RSSC July Offroad Photo

Total Retail Value: $32

Here is July’s Shirt…again! I can’t actually tell you where the first shipment went. That is a great question! One that even USPS doesn’t have an answer to. One day either you will get a second package or I will get a whole truckload, aye! Thanks to those that called and checked and helped me narrow down on the situation. It was time for me to reprint and re-gather the shipment to get out to you…it’s not your problem or fault. So, my apologies for the delay!

July was hot! That is what I remember the most! I had a fun story in this portion, but it seems irrelevant 2 months later. So we will go with: it was hot and we were BBQ’ing a lot. This week was the first week the heat has seemed to lighten up, and I am looking forward to the Fall colors! Your September shirt will be leaving in a couple short weeks!

Head outside, fire up the BBQ and put one last shish kabob together.   ~ Charlene


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99 tt 2TKO Motorsports:

Who doesn’t want a Trophy Truck? Well, at least we can have one on our shirt J This awesome shirt supports the #99 Trophy Truck of Larry Trim and John Koeth from TKO Motorsports. These guys bought this Trophy Truck after it burnt down at a race and have completely revived it into a working and successful truck!

99 TT 1Larry Trim is the owner of TrailReady Products that produces multiple items including the TrailReady Beadlock wheels. You may have seen many of his vehicles throughout the years of rock crawling competition and now into the desert and trophy truck racing. He’s a bucket list guy. He is building a NORRA car now and always has a Jeep around to hit the trails.

John Koeth has raced desert in the desert for years in many different pro classes starting with quads. Among his many accomplishments, he co-drives with his daughter Sarah Koeth in #1372 under F&D Racing (Father Daughter) Love it!

99 tt 3Sponsored by TR Beadlock Wheels with additional support by TrailReady Bumpers, Racer Services, King Shocks, Weldon Racing Pumps, Ford Racing, BFG Tires, Mastercraft Safety, Motive Gear and KC HiLites.

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Shish Kabob on the Grill:
It’s BBQ season and we have been playing with all kinds of different shish kabob recipes. I also dug into some tips and techniques on how to do it “right”, as if there really is a wrong way.

Interestingly, the pro’s actually tell you not to mix your meats and your vegetables, but to put them on their independent sticks because, let’s face it, meat takes longer to cook than vegetables. You can put your meat on first, your vegetables on a few minutes after, and then when you peel off onto a plate, they mix perfectly.

But if you still want to mix the meat with the vegetables (like we do!) then one of the keys to success is cutting your ingredients to consistent sizes. This will allow for a more even cook. When you thread them onto a skewer, leave some breathing room between each of the items so the heat can evenly cook to the middle. My third and final pro tip: If you have some pesky mushrooms or something that likes to rotate or fall off, use two skewers to hold those little buggers in place.

Did you know that Shish Kebab is derived from a Turkish saying ‘skewer’ + ‘roast meat’? Ok, I want to see pictures of your summer BBQ’s! Shish kabob away!


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