RSSC July Offroad Photo

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RSSC July Offroad Photo

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We are launching our first Ultimate Offroad Shirt Design contest!

Anyone can submit a shirt design by Aug 10th and we will put together a social media vote for the favorite. The shirt with the highest votes will be the September shirt! The designer will receive 12 of their size choice. Let your friends know if they are a graphics person, and I will let you know when it is time to get in on the voting action! (Who knows, I may pick a second one as my personal favorite!)

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Frankie Does Baja:

Frankie BajaThanks to BFGoodrich Tires, Marcie and I recently returned from 10 days in Baja as Event #1 of the Ladies Co-Driver Challenge. We went down with Cameron Steele and the Desert Assassins to participate in the “Monster Energy Trail of Missions presented by BFGoodrich Tires”. The trip was filmed for ABC’s World of X Games that will air Sunday, September 4, 2016. (Watch for the Green JK! That’s us!)

Charlene Marcie BajaPast all the big words and titles…the trip was epic! I picked up Frankie in Salt Lake with 1685 miles on it and proceeded to add 815 dirt and 1161 pavement miles to it from border to border as we traversed Baja in a fun and clipping pace with the final destination being Loreto. Don’t let the miles fool you, the majority of our days were on the dirt, from simple dirt roads, two track, sand and even some rocks. Our lunches were next to the ocean and our evenings were at unique Baja hotels. We stopped at Missions throughout Baja and (somehow) ended up on the roof of most of them as we appreciated the ancient buildings! I have been down to do media and chase multiple races, but this was my first time being able to experience Baja in a more “tourist” way. Baja does have a lot of serenity to offer! And, to note, the 37” BFG KO2 tires did amazing! I set them at 22lbs and ran the dirt and street for the 10days with no issues at all. Comfortable and Strong!

Baja Trail of MissionsI have to give Marcie credit for jumping into this 10day across-the-border event and coming out a co-driver. The juggle is real as a co-driver, and I pushed her to own all the different elements. It was hard, it was grumbling at times, but at the end she DID own it!   I have been updating our whole story with hundreds of pictures at


Facebook Page:

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On top of work and travel, I have a “life” too. In my world right now, we are moving! (Not my favorite thing to do!) As I reorganize, I have a lot of gifts that I don’t have full quantities of to send to the whole club. So, this is our “random swag” shipment. I brought everything out, put it on a table and have randomly packed the heck out of our package! I don’t want any of it left here!   Yes, some of it is silly, but I hope you enjoy it all.

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Shirt & Swag Club $5 Promo is Always Available!   Are all your buddies wondering where you get your cool shirt? Help them get signed up via and then send us a quick note telling us that you helped them… We will add $5 into your next package! Yep hard cold green cash! I sent a few $5 out this month…get yours next month.

Win An All-Access Adventure! The destination is up to you. There are many ways to enter, and you have ONE automatic entry just by being part of the club! Multiple entries are accepted. For more information, click here. The drawing will be held 12/15/16, so enter as many times as you can!

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