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RSSC June 4x4 Photo

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Hope you had a great month! I was lucky enough to work with BFGoodrich at the Moab Easter Jeep Safari and they left me with a box of these awesome shirts!  Yes, I am giggling right now that I am sending you a long sleeve shirt when it is 100+ here today!!  So throw it in your closet and know you got a fancy new shirt ready for the fall.

The Swag is some items that were given out at the BFG, Raceline, Rancho and DynoMax Media day.  As part of the AreaBFG event at EJS, we had some cooler bags printed up and stuffed with goodies.  Sorry we don’t have any coolers left over, but here is some of the fun stuff that was inside!

Enjoy and Please help me spread the word!   ~Charlene


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About BFGoodrich:  Written by Jeff Cummins, BFGoodrich

bfgoodrich shirt swag clubThe recreational LT market in the early 70s consisted completely of bias tires; consumers did not believe that radial tires were durable & tough enough for off road activities.  BFGoodrich entered this segment with the introduction of the Radial All Terrain T/A in a single size (12R15/B) and determined that desert racing would be a perfect platform to demonstrate durability and toughness.  We learned quickly that the initial product wasn’t as tough and durable as it needed to be to survive the demands placed on it in the harsh desert bfgoodrich shirt swag clubenvironment. The engineers took what they learned and a few months later introduced the 12R15/C with greater sidewall strength that would meet the demands. This was the beginning of a practice that continues to this day of using off-road motorsports as a proving ground to improve BFGoodrich light truck tires.

BFGoodrich shocked the off-road racing world by capturing Class 8 victories in the SCORE Baja 500 and SCORE Baja 1000 in 1977 with the Radial All Terrain T/A 12R15/C.  Through the brand’s involvement in off-road racing we learned that even greater levels of traction were needed by competitors and consumers alike, which led to the development and introduction of the Radial Mud Terrain T/A in 1980. The same year the BFGoodrich Radial All Terrain T/A captured its first overall victory in the SCORE Baja 500–the fastest car and driver in the harshest off-road conditions on a radial tire!  No other tire brand has done more to prove and demonstrate that radial tires were capable of meeting the demands of the enthusiast off-road consumer. The addition of more sizes and the expanded product offering literally created the on-road/off-road recreational light truck tire market segment that exists today.

bfgoodrich shirt swag clubWhile BFGoodrich was introducing 2nd-generation products to the market in 1986 and 1988 with both All Terrain and Mud Terrain products, most brands were struggling to launch their first of the genre. The information gained and lessons learned which created the next generation products, providing greater durability and higher levels of traction, began a winning streak that will not be broken in my lifetime (starting in 1986 with the first overall victory in the SCORE Baja 1000 that continued for the next 20 consecutive years)!

Throughout this time OE fitments were never the target of BFGoodrich All Terrain or Mud Terrain tires; they instead were targeted as an UPGRADE to light truck owners who wanted more–more durability, more traction, more toughness than could be obtained with the OE product delivered on their vehicles.  In 1999 and 2001 BFGoodrich introduced 3rd-generation products providing even greater consumer benefits but still true to the initial bfgoodrich shirt swag clubmission of setting the standards for traction and durability.  In 2007 the introduction of the Mud Terrain KM2 delivered unequaled traction and durability for off road consumers.

As of today BFGoodrich has won 77 SCORE Baja races as 1st overall–including 25 SCORE Baja 1000 overall victories.  BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM2 and All Terrain T/A KO are the tires of choice for Wide Open Baja, a famous adventure company that runs off-road trips in the deserts of Baja and Nevada–desert running that has tallied over 1,500,000 off-road miles in the last 9 years.

While O.E. is still not the focus of BFGoodrich tires, the two most capable off-road vehicles for sale in the US feature them:  the Ford Raptor on All Terrain T/A KOs and the Jeep Rubicon on Mud Terrain T/A KM2s.

The All Terrain and Mud Terrain are built at 2 locations in the US:  Fort Wayne, IN and Tuscaloosa, AL

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bfgoodrich shirt swag clubAlthough in a different type of desert, the Moab Easter Jeep Safari was a great week and one that BFGoodrich participates in regularly.  This year the media day was on Wednesday at AreaBFE and was a combined effort with Raceline Wheels, Rancho Suspension and DynoMax Performance Exhaust.  We (Bower Media) provided the group with custom made coolers filled with goodies from all the companies, plus a snack of apple, trail mix and water for the trail run.  They were a big hit!  At the party on Wednesday night they announced the 2013 BFGoodrich Outstanding Trails and gave away a package consisting of over $5000 worth of BFG Tires, Raceline Wheels, Rancho Suspension and a DynoMax Exhaust!  Check out the photos and information from the day at


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Did you know? I am now working with companies on their “swag” or “corporate gifts” or “trail packs” or “Your an Awesome Customer” shipments.  We can do everything from koozies, pens and yo-yo’s for the next trade show to creating full packages, bringing it in, assembling it and shipping it out to individual customers or to your corporate meeting with the quality that you would expect from your own office.


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