RSSC June Desert Photo raptor nationals

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RSSC June Desert Photo raptor nationals

Total Retail Value: $38

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It is HOT here!  I laughed that we are “celebrating” the first day of Summer and it has already been over 100 in AZ for a month!  🙂

We just designed and printed these Raptor National Tshirts.  I had a lot of feedback of people liking the design, so I decided to add it to the club shipment.  Have you gotten to drive a Raptor yet? Don’t do it if you don’t want to get hooked!!!

The Swag is some items that I have had printed up for Bower Media and the Race Team Store. A notebook that we give out in our seminars and a couple of koozies.

Enjoy and Please help me spread the word!   ~Charlene


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Raptor Nationals Shirt Swag ClubAbout Raptor Nationals: The first annual Raptor Nationals in Arizona presented by Roush Off-Road was a grand success.  Chasing 80 degree weather the whole 297 miles made it the ideal May weekend in Arizona to discover new trails and beautiful scenery.  “Everyone had a great time. We had participants join us from all over the Southwest, Canada, Texas, Oregon and as far as Ohio,” said Jason Cobb, Raptor Nationals Event Promoter.  “There were no issues with any of the Raptor trucks, they performed up to their highest standards.”

Fast fire roads, twisty tight mountain roads, high desert roads lined with pinion trees, red sands of Sedona’s red rocks, white sand wash roads and some really fun pavement sections are just some of what the drivers got to experience on this adventure.  “We kicked off the event with an open house at the brand new Addictive Desert Designs facility in Raptor Nationals Shirt Swag ClubMesa, AZ on Thursday where there was a full vendor midway.  Friday we gave a drivers school for those that wanted to learn more about their Raptors capabilities. Then the two-day 297-mile trip ended on Sunday at the KC HiLites factory with a fabulous BBQ.  It was a certainly a full weekend.  We were really happy to have Roush, VORR and Sanderson Ford with us on the run,” added Cobb.

Five2Productions is already planning for next year.  They are anticipating that the event will be around the same weekend in May.

For more information and to sign up to learn more about next years Raptor Nationals, please go to Five2 Productions website:  or contact Jason Cobb directly at

They also put on UTV and Jeep events similar in nature.


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Bower motorsports mediaHave you heard of our Racer Seminars?  Generally we work with the promoter to come in and put on a presentation for the drivers.  The topics? How to deal with sponsorships.  How to interview well.  What to say in an interview.   What is the media.  Who is in the media.  How can you get into the media more.  What makes a good picture.  Why does it matter.  How to represent your sponsor.  How to get the most out of your sponsorship dollar.  Why you need to consider this a marketing partnership.

Plus I give you a lot of silly and simple tricks to help you…  Here are a couple:
1.  Anytime the window nets are down, get in the Habit of pulling them INSIDE the Car.  Why?  Generally your main sponsors are on the door panels.  As soon as your window nets come down they are now blocking the sponsor.  When are pictures taken of the car the most?  During contingency, in the pits, at the start line and at the finish line.  Due to social media, we are more Bower motorsports mediadependent on cell phone pictures of your car sitting in a stable environment hitting the internet than the few media shots from out in the field.

2. When you Win (or finish), get in the Habit of handing your helmet out to someone or putting it on the ROOF of the Car.  Why?  Have you ever tried to take a picture through two big black helmets in the driver and passenger front windows?  Yep, when you put your helmet forward onto the hood, it blocks all the photographers from taking good pictures of your face.  Give them the opportunity to promote your winning smile!


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Did you know? I am available to put on Racer Seminars at any level of racing.  In the world of sponsorship it is important to understand what businesses are expecting in a marketing partnership.  We have developed a list of topics that help any racer at any level.  Let me know if you would like to schedule a program in your area or at a upcoming event.


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