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RSSC March Photo

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It’s the King!

Of course we had to send out The King’s Shirt!  This is Randy Slawson’s 2013 Team Shirt, which you can compliment with the Bomber Fab Shirt, Sweatshirt or Hat available at the Race Team Store.

This is the LAST MONTH of the $20 deal.  Don’t worry your price is locked in.  With shipping just going up, and the quality of shirts that the guys are making, I am going to have to up it to $25 starting on the April Shipment.  If you have buddies that should be in the Club, be sure to get them signed up before April 10th to get locked in at the $20 rate!

Enjoy and Please help me spread the word!


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Randy SlawsonAbout Randy Slawson: “”King” of the Hammers, what does that mean? This is a question that has gone through my mind many times. My experiences with the race have ranged from being a co-driver for John Reynolds “JR” in the first King of the Hammers race, to having my transmission retire at race mile 26 of the 2012 King of the Hammers. This sport is like no other, yes there are truck races in the desert and yes there are timed races in the rocks but it wasn’t until King of the Hammers combined these two disciplines into an organized event, that I was hooked. There have been many great desert guys attempt the win, but to date the rock racers have taken top honors.” Written by Randy Slawson, as part of his 2013 King of the Hammers recap.

Randy is the owner of Bomber Fabrication started in 2009 located in Grand Terrace, CA.  They have a reputation for building quality tube chassis’ with a mastered concept yet continues to take the cars to the next level for customers. Their Tag Line?  “Bomber Fab, taking rock crawling out of the Stone Age.”     “Randy is known for his Randy Slawsonmeticulous style and superb fabrication skills meshed with his down to earth attitude and humble domineer.  Although quiet and sometimes shy, Randy is 100% business when it comes to King Of The Hammers racing.”  A perfect statement from a Race-Dezert writeup.

He grew up in Southern California and has been riding dirt bikes in Johnson Valley for years, now with his wife Christa.  His brother, and co-driver, Mike Slawson ran the inaugural King of the Motos in 2012 and finished 4th among only 6 in total who finished!


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Bower Motorsports Media CalenderIf you have been in the Club since January, you have received a lot of cool projects from Bower Media, and here is another one that was a goal for me to accomplish in 2012…. A 2013 Calendar!     Featuring tons of events from across the nation on every weekend, the link at the bottom of the page takes you to the online calendar that has more…and the specific information for the printed events.  The photos came out of my stock from the year of travelling to events across the country and I tried to help by labeling them all so you know who is who and where were!

If you like this calendar, we can now build them for any company, event, club or team.  They don’t have to be off-road related, and you certainly don’t have to use my pictures…we can use yours or customer submitted photos!  Get in touch with me soon about this opportunity….We should shoot for a completion date in the 4th quarter.


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Bower Motorsports Media CalenderBower Motorsports Media, established in 2009, is a PR firm that writes the press releases, takes pictures, produces videos, tracks race teams, promotes events, is interactive in social media and is very successful at executing at events.  Bower Motorsports Media works for Companies, Event Promoters and Racers to make sure that sponsorship packages are maximized and that as many people as possible know about your successes.  We specialize in the offroad market, but have expanded into many different categories.  With the word Media meaning something entirely different than it did even two years ago, Bower Motorsports Media prides itself on being at the front of understanding what different avenues to use to successfully market and manage a brand, a race series or team.





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