RSSC May 4x4 Photo

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RSSC May 4x4 Photo

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I got super crazy this month!   I Changed the NAME of the club…  Yep, it’s officially here to stay: Offroad Shirt & Swag Club!  Being honest, the Desert club wasn’t doing so awesome, and the 4×4 was striving to be better.  So instead of killing myself to fulfill each club each month, I went with: ‘lets close down the Desert Club and broaden the club into Offroad.’  With that being said, welcome to the Desert Group and all of you in the 4×4 group, I hope you are ok with my decision to mix it up a bit.  This change gives us the ability to send 4×4, desert, short course, etc, etc shirts & swag!  The opportunities just multiplied!

I am headed down to the Baja500 tomorrow…when you ask for something you never know what will happen!  Please follow along via the Bower Media Facebook page.  I will have limited access while gone, but will follow up with emails when I return stateside. Thank you! ~Charlene

PS – The club would be a great recommendation to all the kids and ladies out there looking to give DAD something different for Father’s Day…


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About Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame (ORMHOF):  


Mission Statement
ORMHOF Logo 1978  copyThe Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame has been established to recognize and honor those individuals and organizations whose lifelong contributions to off-road motorsports have set a standard for others to follow.

The Induction Classes are chosen by an eighteen-member voting panel on the basis of significant contribution to off-road motorsports- beyond wins and sport affiliation.  All nominees must have at least fifteen years of experience and involvement, as well as have built, designed, driven, maintained, owned, prepared, piloted, promoted, or ridden an off-road vehicle or supported the off-road industry.  They are characterized by their desire to win, the mastery of their field, and their courage to innovate.  Each Inductee has made a significant contribution to off-road motorsports in at least one of the following aspects: Business, History, Design, Engineering, Prestige of the Sport, and/or Growth of the Sport.

2014 ORMHOF Inductees The 2014 Class of Inductees were recently announced: Del Albright, David Ashley, Marty Fiolka, the late Nye Frank, and Bill Sanders will have their names added to the venerable list of those who have committed their lives to the off-road community.  Their legacies will be celebrated and displayed for the public, in Gallery Four within the famed National Automobile Museum – the Harrah Collection – located in Reno, Nev.  They join names synonymous with the sport including Parnelli Jones, Malcolm Smith, Rob MacCachren, Larry Roeseler, Walker Evans, and Rod Hall, as well as many others who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the sport prosper and grow.

This year’s Induction Ceremonies will introduce a new venue, as the Inductees will be honored Sunday, November 2, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada at the  South Point Hotel and Casino.  This is an invite only, black tie event.  You can request an invitation and learn more about the event on their website.

I have been helping spread the word about ORMHOF for the last few years via their inductee announcement and past partnership with the Off-Road Expo where they previously hosted the Induction Ceremony and Silent Auction.  Each summer it is exciting to see the list of new inductees.  What a huge accomplishment.  I’ll be honest, I have yet to make it to the Hall of Fame in Reno, NV.  Make sure to put it on your bucket list, I have seen pictures and I can hardly wait to get there one day!

Please note that ORMHOF is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that welcomes your help via different membership channels and a silent auction at the Induction Ceremony.  Please visit their website if you would like to help maintain this significant program in our off-road history.

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About the Swag:
Swag 600 300 Bower Media
Ok, one more from me.  Doing all this swag for other companies, it is really hard for me to keep from shopping for us!  This wallet size multi tool is freaking cool!  1. Can Opener 2. Knife Edge  3. Screwdriver  4. Ruler  5. Bottle Opener  6.  4 Position Wrench  7.  Butterfly Screw Wrench  8. Saw Blade  9.  Direction Ancillary Indication  10.  2 Position Wrench  11. Ring Attachment Hole

Did you know that we can get you anything for your business, club, trail ride etc? to start shopping, and put a list together, then email me directly for the best pricing.

(Let me know who the first one is to go through airport security with one…I have a bet going on if it is allowed or not J  If you are the tester/guinea pig and it doesn’t work, I’ll send you another one.)



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