shirt swag club NOV Desert Photo

November 2013 Desert Club



shirt swag club NOV Desert Photo

Total Retail Value: $37

2014 Campbell Racing Tshirt: Support the Campbell Racing Team, purchase a Tshirt and view other options in the Race Team Store CLICK HERE

HOT off the presses!  The brand new Campbell Shirt!!  We had fun with this one and included all three (Shannon, Wayland and Bailey’s) autographs!  An awesome family to be around and quality racers!  *Did you know that Bailey works at my office a couple days a week?  She didn’t pack this batch, but did pack Octobers  J

FOX Shox had these trucks at the SEMA show, and I had to have one!  So I asked them to send me a whole stack so we can all play! Take a few minutes and put yours together, then when you follow the instructions to #tag your pic to win, be sure to add #shirtswagclub … I will add to your winnings!  Of course, everyone wants a Monster Energy Sticker and a lanyard, sorry wasn’t about ready to send you a drink!

I am working on an ad campaign for the coming year, and I want to use YOU as the center of attention.  Can you send me the highest resolution photos you have of you with your rig.  Need to be wearing a “shirt club shirt” or if you can’t see the shirt then I’m not picky.  Send to ->If you didn’t get my email about this, please be sure to send me your updated info.  😉  Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!


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About Campbell Ent:        

Shannon Cambell Campbell EntShannon Campbell built a 4×4 IFS car at the front end of the trend, and decided to take it desert racing!  Entering it into the Sportsman Class at Best in the Desert, he came out in the top 5 when everyone said the technology wouldn’t work.  He then furthered that success when they put the same car into Class 1 and again made jaws drop finishing in the top 5.  Although he only has a few BITD races on the race schedule, and has still not been able to capitalize on some SCORE race opportunities, there is no doubt he is a desert racer as seen by his fast and aggressive moves in the Johnson Valley Desert.

Shannon Campbell was honored the Dirt Sports Driver of the year in 2005, long before his two King of the Hammers wins in 2008 and 2011. In both 2012 and 2013 he finished second.  Also in 2013, his son Wayland Campbell finished 23rd, prequalifying for the 2014 race.

Shannon Cambell Campbell EntWayland Campbell is an 18 year old who has been able to follow in his Dad’s footsteps.  Starting with rock crawling at W.E. Rock, including a trip to Japan and compete.  He started driving an Ultra4 car in 2012, and in 2013 finished the King of the Hammers, taking 2nd in the National points behind his dad Shannon.  Did you know that he is in AP classes in school, wants to be an engineer, is an awesome skateboarder, and works at the shop every afternoon on his own vehicles?!

Bailey Campbell is a 16 year old who is just getting the steering wheel in her hand.  Last year she raced in Dirt Riot, and this year in W.E. Rock.  Next year looks to be busier for her.  She has the thrill of winning and racing fast in her blood, so it should be fun to watch her grow.  She works in the shop on her own cars and helping with Shannon’s.  Her love is in photography and she works for Bower Media learning the off-track/online skills, she even built her own website over the summer:
Shannon Cambell Campbell Ent

Tammy Campbell is the rock.  Wife and Mom keeps them all moving at the shop and at home!

Nick Campbell, is also a rock crawler, KOH driver, desert co-dawg and main piece of the shop.

Campbell Ent. Custom Fabrication is a family owned and operated business that first started building jeeps for something fun to do on the weekend and it quickly evolved into a monster.  Now many years later, Campbell Ent. is at the fore front of offroad racing technology and innovation, creating some of the most off the wall, out of the box racing vehicles known to the world today.  They thrive on testing new ideas and pushing them to their limits all with the same goal of ending up in the winners circle.

Simplicity, Functionality, Style, and Speed…It’s the Campbell Way

Website:      Facebook Page:


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About Fox Shox & Monster Energy:   from their website

fox shoxFor over three decades, FOX has been an industry leader in the design and development of high performance shock absorbers and racing suspension products for snowmobiles, mountain bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, off-road cars, trucks, and SUVs.

In 1974, Bob Fox started racing his products in motocross and we haven’t stopped racing since. FOX equipped vehicles and racers have stood atop podiums in every sport we have competed in — from the sands of Baja to the dunes of Dakar.

Our team of engineers perform rigorous tests with our athletes year round. The data we collect from performance testing and our application of that knowledge to our product is what separates FOX from every other suspension company.

Website:                    Facebook:


monster energy shannon cambpellSome companies won’t let you have any gear unless you’re on the payroll. We’re all about our fans rockin’ the Monster logo the way they want – on hats, shirts, MX bikes, trucks, gear, or even on themselves. Our idea of a promotion isn’t giving away a TV you already got. Our promos offer exclusive VIP access, insane trips hanging with top musicians, athletes, and real gear like dirt bikes, snowboards, BMX bikes, rims and helmets.


In short, at Monster all our guys walk the walk in action sports, punk rock music, partying, hangin’ with the girls, and living life on the edge. Monster is way more than an energy drink. Led by our athletes, musicians, employees, distributors and fans, Monster is…A lifestyle in a can.



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