Offroad Shirt and Swag Club November 2014 Shipment

November 2014 Shirt Club


Offroad Shirt and Swag Club November 2014 Shipment

Total Retail Value: $40

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Oh Boy, the Holidays… Hope the Holidays find you well. I realize one thing about this time of year, every year, it revolves around a lot of stress. I am the first one to love Christmas (with all 5 of my Christmas trees), but I am also the first to realize that there are a lot of struggles around this time of year. I’m throwing my positive thoughts your way – we will make it to January 1!

We needed a new Tshirt for Bower Media, so I started playing around with some designs. I kept coming back to this simple yet awesome design. I hope you like it as much as we do! We will have hoodies and a broader selection available on the Race Team Store soon.

You will be receiving this package while I am in Tennessee…doing a TV shoot with PowerBlock. Pretty excited about that! Then we have our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, followed by a quick trip to Indianapolis for the PRI show, and then we start our Christmas celebrations! J Cheers to another fun packed month!! ~ Charlene

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Bower Motorsports Media We Put You In First Place 2015 Mens Tshirt   Bower Motorsports Media We Put You In First Place 2015 Mens Tshirt

Bower Media: (I’m going to assume you don’t know anything about us)

Bower Motorsports Media LogoBower Motorsports Media, established in 2009, is a PR firm that writes the press releases, takes pictures, produces videos, tracks race teams, promotes events, is interactive in social media and is very successful at executing at events. Bower Motorsports Media works for Companies, Event Promoters and Racers to make sure that sponsorship packages are maximized and that as many people as possible know about your successes. The team specializes in the offroad market, but has expanded Charlene Bower and Greg Mulkeyinto many different categories.

With the word Media meaning something entirely different than it did even two years ago, Bower Motorsports Media prides itself on being at the front of the cusp of understanding the different avenues to successfully market and manage a brand via all media outlets which now includes the world of Social Media.

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NEW NEWS Just For You:::::

Charlene Bower Racer Marketing ClassShirt & Swag Club $5 Promo is Back! Are all your buddies wondering where you get your cool shirt? Help them get signed up via and then send us a quick note that you helped them… We will add $5 into your next package! Yep hard cold green cash! I have added a $1 into this package with a little better explanation of how to get more. (:

I'm Not Just a Girl Booth at 2014 Offroad ExpoWe Are Going onto Year 3 in January! It was time ~ We just ordered the 2 year gifts! No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, yetJ For those that have been in the club a year, you have received the Shirt Swag Club Pint Glass. Those that will be hitting the 2 year mark, you can expect a new gift of appreciation. (If you haven’t received your 1-year yet…I just let a fun secret out of the bag. Sorry for spoiling the surprise.)

Girls Shirt & Bling Club -> Lowered Price to $29 & Changing Gift / Name
Bower Motorsports Media  Properties
As you know, we also have an I’m Not Just a Girl clothing line with a club for the Girls. After some testing and trials, we have decided to change the name from “Shirt & Bling Club” to the “I’m Not Just a Girl Club” ~ because what is BLING? Yea, that was my problem too (: So no more “Bling”! The girls will get the I’m Not Just a Girl shirt that come hot off the press every-other-month and an I’m Not Just a Girl branded gift for a simple $29 bi monthly. (Yes, you can make your $5 on this club too! Just email us the Gals names!) (Yes! Even if you sign up your significant other/family member for Christmas – a Great Gift that keeps on giving!)

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