RSSC October 4x4 Photo

October 2013 4×4 Club


RSSC October 4x4 Photo

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Lucky Dog Racing Tshirt: Support Lucky Dog Racing, Go to the Race Team Store and check out the different Tshirts available! CLICK HERE

I am so proud of Lucky Dog Racing…both Brian and son Levi.  They are an awesome family that I have got to know over the course of the last few years. …I remember back when they were the ONLY team in a semi showing up to the lakebed…  When I saw this shirt, I knew it had to hit your backs.  Wear it proud, these boys and their entire team worked really hard to have all those flags on there!

I’m not one for energy drinks…but I actually like this one!  You either got a “Classic Flavor” or “Sugar Free” Yukon Launch.  Give it a shot and then give them a shout out on their Facebook page with your feedback.   It’s brand new…so start asking your local Yukon Dealer to bring it in if you want more!

So about this $5 program…I think it is actually working (like you are telling your friends) but your friends aren’t telling me how they heard about it.  So…if you see your buddy with a club shirt on, just shoot me a quick email with who it is.  I’m trying and I WANT to send you moola!  😉  Thanks and Happy Halloween!  ~Charlene

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About Lucky Dog Racing:

Levi Brian ShirleyLucky Dog Racing is composed of two Ultra4 racers based out of Dodge City, KS:  Brian Shirley #18 and son Levi Shirley #81.  You have seen the cars all over the Internet…the main difference is Brian’s car is Red and Levi’s car is Green.  Sponsored primarily by Spidertrax and Maxxis Tires, these cars are easily recognizable between the classy graphics and the Trepadors throwing up dirt in all the pictures.  One or both are usually at the front of the pack, or making a lot of noise about getting to the front!

Between both, they have many titles and recognitions.  Brian Shirley is the 2013 Dirt Riot National Points Champion and Levi Shirley took second in the points chase.  In a flip of points, Levi Shirley took the Dirt Riot Central Series win and Brian Shirley took second.  Recently at the Dirt Riot National Rampage, they drove in the same car for the first time ever!  In a Facebook post Levi writes: “Believe it or Levi Shirleynot, this was the first time him and I have ever been in a racecar car together! I wish I would have recorded the conversations that we had! Good stuff. I felt like I was 16 again with my driving instructor in the car until he told me to quit driving like a girl! We went on to place third. Won’t ever forget that day!” The boys are supported by Wife/Mom Suzanne and Daughters/Sisters Samantha & Rebekah, along with a whole crew of Lucky Dog Team Members that give their all to get them to the finish.

The adventure of 2013 has been the European Races.  Levi raced in both the Ultra4 King of the Valleys in Wales, United Kingdom and the Ultra4 King of Portugal in brian levi shirley utvVimioso, Portugal.  He placed third in both events!  Both races had their individual challenges.  If you go to the Lucky Dog Facebook page you can see a great article by their local paper about the races.

In 2012, Levi Shirley was the Dirt Riot National Points Champion and Brian Shirley was in second.  Levi has been awarded the Ultra4 Sportsman of the Year.  Starting in 2012 they began racing two Polaris RZR XP’s in the Dirt Riot UTV class on top of the 4×4 4400 Pro Class.

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About Yukon Gear & Axle:   from their website

Yukon Launch 2 Yukon LaunchAt Yukon Gear & Axle we make it our Mission to build quality parts that exceed expectation. It’s that simple!  Our in-house engineering group utilizes state-of-the-art software to design product that’s then manufactured in partnership by some of the world’s foremost leaders in OEM manufacturing. After rigorous testing and intense quality inspection, we’re proud to call it Yukon.

Did you know? YUKON PROVIDES OVER 1400 SELECT PART NUMBERS.  Our parts span product usage including Diesel Trucks, High Performance, Rock Crawlers, Circle Track, Street Racing and general performance to name a few.  We Produce Axles, Cases, Spider Gears, Dropouts, Pinion Supports, Spin Free Kits, Positrations, Lockers, Ring & Pinions, Spindles, Spools, Tools, Yokes, Clothing and Now Energy Drinks!

YukonThe new Yukon Launch may be a little less common to find than a Monster, but so is the quality of the Yukon advantage.  To find a dealer near you Search for Yukon LAUNCH Hardcore Energy Drink, Classic Flavor or Sugar Free in the store section of the website.  Enjoy!

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