RSSC September 4x4 Photo

September 2013 4×4 Club


RSSC September 4x4 Photo

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Jesse Haines Fabrication Cartoon Tshirt: Support Jesse Haines Fabrication by buying one of his orange Cartoon Fabrication Tshirts and viewing the other options in the Race Team Store! CLICK HERE

How cool is this shirt!?  I was privy to the cartoon artwork a few months back and have been stalking Jesse’s time frame of production to include it in the club J  Really excited to support Jesse and be able to put the shirt on your backs first!!

I am also really excited to include ESAB in this months shipment.  They have “grabbed the bull by the horns” and sponsored the LetzRoll Offroad Team in a big way.  They want to show that they are the welder of choice.  I will let you make the decision, so please take this opportunity to check out their lineup!

Another first off the printer! This whole club thing is pretty cool, isn’t it!  😉  Thanks for your support and sharing!  Happy FALL!  ~ Charlene


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MaxxisProfileJessieHainesAbout Jesse Haines:

After moving from the East Coast, where he worked at Badlands Off Road park in Indiana, he landed in Reno, NV and worked for Torchmate.  A wheeler and fabricator, he built buggies in his garage on the side and rock crawled in multiple series.  Today he owns his fabrication company: Jesse Haines Fabrication.  (I helped him pick out this fancy name lol)  He has built some amazing cars and is most commonly known for the flat fender styling on the buggies.  On the competitive rock crawling course, he is one of the top in the sport, and still consistently competes proudly representing Maxxis Tires.


This is the excerpt from the Maxxis Tires Driver Profile page…which sums it all up! “Over the past decade Jesse Haines has established himself as one of the top Jesse Hainesfabricators in the off road industry while simultaneously cementing his legacy as one of the “winningest” drivers in rock crawling history. Haines was first introduced to rock crawling while competing at the legendary Four Wheeler Magazine Top Truck Challenge in 2002 and quickly developed a passion for the sport. Just three short years later, Jesse found himself atop the podium as the WE Rock Unlimited Class National Champion in a vehicle of his own design. To his record, Haines has won an astounding twelve rock crawling competitions from Pennsylvania to California, a series championship, and had dozens of podium finishes. Between competitions, Haines has also built numerous championship-winning vehicles for both himself and other competitors. Haines has been on the leading edge of the wildly popular Ultra4 Racing explosion with respectable finishes at VORRA desert races, the Ultra 4 Stampede, and the King of the Hammers. Throughout his career Haines has been seen on Trucks TV, Extreme 4×4, Superlift TV, Lucas Oil – On The Edge, MTV’s Megadrive, and Modern Marvels.”


Jesse Haineswerockround2oroville050Jesse has raced King of the Hammers since 2008, but not always successfully.  On his faecbook page is an awesome story of the 2010 race where he and Rich Klein overcame a ton of issues….to finish!   It ends with, “We came into the final check point 90 seconds before the end of the race. Still to this day I don’t think I’ve ever driven as hard as I did for the last 10 minutes of that race. Although I think we finished something like 46th, it’s still the most gratifying finish I’ve had.”  Read more on his page:

Facebook Page:


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esabAbout ESAB:

ESAB is the world leader in welding and cutting, and is an international supplier of products, know-how, and services.    Did you know…..
* ESAB was founded in 1904 by Oscar Kjeliberg, after his invention of the covered welding electrode?
* They have sales and support established in 80 countries and there are 26 manufacturing plants across four continents?
* They are known for their – Manual welding and cutting equipment – Welding consumables – Welding automation – Mechanized Cutting Systems.
* Their list of products include – Filler Metals – CNC Cutting Machines – Gas Apparatus – Arc Welding Equip – Plasma – Welding Automation & Robotics – Steel Industry Products – Personal Protection Equip

Esab 2Our Vision

We are dedicated to creating an enduring premier global enterprise built on a unique business culture that achieves success for our customers. This involves doing all things with integrity, respect, and candor, with a deep commitment to excellence to associates and customers as our foundation, to provide consistent delivery of world-class performance in welding & cutting solutions.


Website:                      Facebook:


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