RSSC September Offroad Photo

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 RSSC September Offroad Photo

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If you ever run across an off-road shirt that you like, let me know, it may have the potential to be the next one in your shipment. I’m always open to ideas. Check out the cooler! I wanted to get you something awesome, big and useful! Play around with it. The inner liner can come out to be washed, and you can even keep it out to use the cooler as a bag.

I thought they were pretty fancy, and I hope you agree! Sincerely ~ Charlene


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Southern Rock Racing:Bobby Tanner 3

The sport of recreational rock crawling and hill climbing has evolved quickly in the southeast to what is being called “rock bouncing”. High horsepower buggies built to launch up insane climbs, and fast. The Southern Rock Racing Series was formed after seeing these guys out on the weekends putting on a show and decided to put together an organized racing series that would allow these guys to do what they enjoy, only with the added organized safety aspect, excitement and risk/reward of competition.

Southern Rock RacingThe SRRS Series is composed of a set group of events, but they have also been putting on exhibition races, similar to the KOH Backdoor Challenge. They have also spread into UTV Racing. In 2015 they produced 10 races with 7 series races – 3 northern, 3 southern and a final. At the end of the series with 74 drivers competing for the title, Timmie Camron was crowned the series champion. One of the fun aspects of this series is the RCV Best of Show contest. As you can imagine, or have seen, these guys and gals really get on the gas pedal to make it up the hills!

The 2016 schedule has already been posted on their website and I encourage you to see if an event comes near you. I’ve been working with these guys for a couple years now and it has been fun to watch their series and type of racing grow. Guaranteed you won’t have a dull time!


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Bower Power Hour:

Charlene Bower Power HourBower Power Hour is a weekly, two hour news show dedicated to Motorsports, Powersports and the outdoor, off-road lifestyle. Bower Power Hour gives you an in depth look at racers, events, businesses and other aspects to bring you the nitty-gritty news of the off-road lifestyle that we all love. Hosted by Charlene Bower, the guest lists are extensive and energetic.  The stories are fun and filled.  The goal is to bring the technology and innovation to light that the off-road industry is known for.  Tune in weekly for laughs, information, and current off-road news! The show is located on the radio, Autowerkz TV an Internet TV channel, multiple podcast outlets, and on multiple off-road internet outlets. Full list and links are on the website.


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Shirt & Swag Club $5 Promo is Always Available!   Are all your buddies wondering where you get your cool shirt? Help them get signed up via and then send us a quick note telling us that you helped them… We will add $5 into your next package! Yep hard cold green cash! I sent a few $5 out this month…get yours next month.

Win An All-Access Adventure! The destination is up to you. There are many ways to enter, and you have ONE automatic entry just by being part of the club! Multiple entries are accepted. For more information, click here. The drawing will be held 12/15/15, so enter as many times as you can!


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